The Stamps of Life Alphabet Dies
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The Stamps of Life – HSN Craft Day Release – Alphabet and Number Dies

Hello! Today on my blog I’m sharing two new products by The Stamps of Life that will be featured on HSN on May 5, 2020. However, you don’t need to wait until May 5 to hop on over to the HSN website to place your order. They are currently on sale NOW!

These dies are so much fun. They have a square shaped pattern on each individual letter and number. You can use them in so many ways — as standalone letters/numbers, using them with the shadow dies, using only the outline with the shadow dies, or you can die cut them into a piece of cardstock and use the negative piece on a card. See below for some fun different ways of using these dies.

Be sure to check out my YouTube video showing some fun ways to use these dies and a two card tutorial.

Card 1

The Stamps of Life Alphabet Dies


  1. Alphabet Dies
  2. Together Patterned Paper Pad
  3. Cardstock – Powdered Sugar, Bubblegum, Ocean
  4. Sentiment – from Squirrels2Love Stamp Set
  5. Flower2Build ONE Dies

Card 2

The Stamps of Life Alphabet Dies


  1. Alphabet Dies
  2. Christmastree2Stamp Dies
  3. Merry Collection Patterned Paper Pad
  4. Cardstock – Powdered Sugar, Strawberry, Kiwi, Gingersnap

Card 3

The Stamps of Life Alphabet Dies

The Stamps of Life Alphabet Dies


  1. Alphabet Dies
  2. Darling Paper Pad
  3. Cardstock: Seaglass, Candy, Powdered Sugar

Card 4

The Stamps of Life Number Dies


  1. Striped Number Die Set (Now available at The Stamps of Life)
  2. Foxes2Stamp
  3. Ribbon Border Dies
  4. Hello Friend Paper Pad
  5. Cardstock: Powdered Sugar, Blueberry, Sky, Banana

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Happy Crafting!


4 thoughts on “The Stamps of Life – HSN Craft Day Release – Alphabet and Number Dies”

  1. When will their be more stock for HSN’s Stamps of Life Dotted Number and Shadow Die Set – 732-394, plus Stamps of Life Dotted Alphabet Dies and Adhesive Set – 732-385. I ordered them on extended delivery back in Oct 2020 and just got a message from HSN that both orders were canceled today. I was so looking forward to getting both sets and just googled both sets and can’t find them any where. So disappointed!!


    1. Hi Sarah. Unfortunately, I cannot answer that question. That is something that you need to speak to HSN about. Hopefully, The Stamps of Life will bring those products to their website in the future.


    2. She talked about this today in her “No Make Up Monday 12-7-2020” video (and the first mention of it was in the “No Make Up Monday 10-26-20” video). She was notified by HSN, that an entire pallet of her products went missing by UPS. It was about 80% of all of her products scheduled for the HSN Craft Day. They waited and waited for it, but it was never found, and they had to put in a claim for it. That’s why our orders were cancelled.

      She said she was hoping that they would be in stock on the website in May 2121.

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