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12 Days of Christmas Crafts Series – Day 5- Personalized Snowflake Ornament

Hi everyone!

For Day 5 of my 12 Days of Christmas Craft Series, I will show you how to make this snowflake ornament that you can personalize with a picture of a loved one.

To see how I made this ornament, watch my YouTube Tutorial Here:


  1. Intricate Snowflake Fold-it
  2. Adhesive Sheets
  3. Pearl Paper B
  4. Glitter Paper A
  5. Circle Die
  6. Scalloped Circle Die
  7. Peace Chipboard Sentiments
  8. 30 pt Kraft Chipboard by Magic Water Supply
  9. Ribbon
  10. Art Glitter Glue

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Happy Crafting!


1 thought on “12 Days of Christmas Crafts Series – Day 5- Personalized Snowflake Ornament”

  1. Lovely idea! I watched while eating breakfast. I have done exactly what you did by cutting my nice paper from the front then it wouldn’t fit, then I had to reverse my paper. I have also reversed the paper with the first cutting, then it wouldn’t fit, so I had to cut again. Great to share ideas and learn new things.

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