Personalized Snow Globe Shaker Ornament
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12 Days of Christmas Crafts Series – Day 9 – Personalized Snow Globe Ornament

Hi everyone!

For Day 9 of my 12 Days of Christmas Craft Series, I will show you how to make a personalized snow globe shaker ornament that you can personalize with a picture of a loved one.

Personalized Snow Globe Shaker Ornament

To see how to make these, watch my YouTube Tutorial Here:


  1. SnowGlobe2Stamp Dies
  2. Snow Globe Shaker Dies
  3. Glitter Paper B
  4. Pearl Paper B
  5. Acetate
  6. The Stamps of Life Cardstock (Strawberry, Kiwi)
  7. 30 pt Kraft Chipboard by Magic Water Supply
  8. Art Glitter Glue

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Happy Crafting!